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Why You Should Attend

This program addresses common mistakes and roadblocks that attorneys face when handling negotiations and client communications along with how to address and overcome some of them. Our experts discuss how some of these issues arise and how lawyers can broaden their client’s ideas of acceptable resolutions to their matters through targeted application of communication techniques, including reframing, actionable empathy and spotting the negotiation with in the negotiation.

What You Will Learn

• Defining common negotiation terminology (BATNA, WATNA, interests vs. positions, etc.)
• Client control and other “negotiations within the negotiations"
• Preparation, expectation-setting, and client education as tools of influence
• Using influence techniques to persuade: silence, questioning, restating/reframing, actionable empathy, "negotiation jiu jitsu,” and more

Who Should Attend

Attorneys seeking a program to help improve their client communication skills and negotiation strategies, regardless of practice area, should find this program to be informative.


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