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Are you the person who gets birthday cakes for co-workers?  Do you arrange the office baby showers? Are you always the note-taker at important meetings?  These tasks, usually performed by women, often put those who undertake them at a disadvantage in promotions and performance reviews, despite the tasks appearing positive and important in a law office environment.

Alexandra S. Bernay, a partner at Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, will discuss important research findings related to “non-promotable” tasks and gender-related issues in performance reviews. This talk will provide actionable steps for practitioners to avoid the “scrivener problem” and becoming the “office mom.” The briefing will discuss strategies women in the legal profession can use to promote themselves and others in a positive way.

This Briefing is designed for attorneys of all levels. Topics will include:

  • A discussion of non-promotable tasks and research findings (15 minutes)
  • Recent studies related to gender’s role in performance reviews (15 minutes)
  • Tips and tactics to address some of the most common issues faced by women including “office mom” roles and the scrivener problem (30 minutes)

Participants will be provided with practical advice that can be immediately implemented in the law office environment.




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