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Market Access Best Practices: Focus on Digital Health 2020 explores the unique challenges digital health manufacturers face navigating the labyrinth of regulatory, labeling, adoption, and pricing hurdles and how attorneys can help lead the way.

Getting a highly-regulated product from development to market is no easy feat. Rapidly evolving technologies and complex layers of purchasing and adoption decision-makers make the challenge for super-technical digital health products almost insurmountable. Strategic market access planning is a do-or-die requirement, and lawyers have an essential role to play in leading developers through the process.

Employing a series of case studies, Market Access Best Practices: Focus on Digital Health will take attendees through the process - pointing out the potential pitfalls.

What You Will Learn

  • Latest Developments in FDA and EMEA Policy on Digital Health
  • Understanding Life Science Industry Focus on Digital Market Access Strategies
  • Best Practices for Technology Transactions Between Life Science Companies and Health IT Providers

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