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If you thought it would be easy to guide your client to success in the new marijuana industry, what were you thinking? Many variable provisions in many divergent state marijuana laws are topped by the persistent threat of federal prosecutions and federal financial sanctions and forfeitures. It may be that marijuana will deliver riches to some clients, but others face confused uncertainty wrapped in tough compliance burdens. Are you ready for this gauntlet? 


Veteran health law scholar Professor James T. O’Reilly of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, whose text on pharmaceutical drugs was quoted by the U.S. Supreme Court as “The experts have written…” has now spent a year deep in the weeds of marijuana regulatory controls, to produce sets of advice that fit your client’s needs for (relative) assurance.   Please join him as he: 

  • Explains the 2018 and later outlook for federal reforms, and the survival of key Justice Department guidance from the Obama years;
  • Identifies the state compliance barriers and the types of client adjustments needed given the variable and unsettled insurance, real estate, employment, agricultural and commercial issues; and
  • Offers steps you can take to bring your client’s business through the hazy cloud of confusion. 

As Professor O’Reilly finishes his forthcoming landmark text for PLI Press, you’re invited to register for an hour of insights and guidance.  In addition, please subscribe to PLI’s free publication The Current  for articles on other timely issues.







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