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As the metaverse continues to develop and attract companies, eDiscovery of metaverse-related data is becoming a reality.  With significant numbers of business meetings predicted to take place in the metaverse, companies like JP Morgan, CVS, and Walmart setting up shop in the metaverse, and virtual real estate commanding a premium, it won’t be long before metaverse-related data becomes evidence in disputes.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • What types of litigation and regulatory actions might arise from the metaverse? (10 minutes)
  • What might trigger the duty to preserve metaverse-related data? (10 minutes)
  • What types of ESI might be relevant and discoverable? (10 minutes)
  • What types of data might be subject to production and in what formats? (10 minutes)
  • Could the process for identifying an avatar likely be similar to the process for obtaining the identity of an email account? (10 minutes)
  • If certain virtual conduct is not yet recognized as a crime or tort, can litigation be reasonably anticipated? (10 minutes)




Gail Gottehrer

Del Monte Fresh Produce Company


Ronald J. Hedges

Dentons US LLP



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