5-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

PLI’s Manufacturing and Consumer Products Law Institute with Program Chairs Elizabeth R. Bain and Mike Gentine, was designed to support attorneys in the critical roles they play along the commercial chain from manufacturing, distribution to the end-use of consumer products. 

As more consumer products and consumer-product companies are becoming connected products and companies, fascinating new opportunities and daunting new challenges inevitably arise.  Lawyers—as advisors and problem solvers—must understand the regulatory issues and litigation triggers for both private and government actions, while communicating effectively with business units.   

Professionals with various levels of experience will gain valuable insight into each of these areas, including how to manage data privacy and cybersecurity concerns, all while earning a full day of CLE and CPE credits. 

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Create open communication and trust between legal and business functions are key to protecting brands.
  • Manage product safety reporting and product recall process across state, national, and international jurisdictions
  • Address product safety issues
  • Build relationships among those responsible for various steps along the supply chain
  • Apply strategies to safeguard data and support cybersecurity efforts

Who Should Attend

Litigation attorneys, in-house counsel, and compliance professionals practicing in the fields of manufacturing and consumer products law will benefit from this program.

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: Participants should be some familiarity with manufacturer liability standards and consumer product safety laws

Advanced Prep: None

Credit Details