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Operating in the GSA’s Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) program often presents distinct challenges to government contractors. Many of the program’s rules require disclosing pricing and practices, frequently opening contractors up to significant risk. Since 2008, the Mandatory Disclosure Rule (MDR) has given credence to the need for timely and accurate reporting to GSA. As the nature of business and practices react to dynamic changes in the federal marketplace, attorneys navigate their clients through mandatory disclosures. Often, external advisors are sought to provide quantifiable financial exposure regarding disclosure matters. This session provides insight into essential exposure analyses and best practices, as well as real-world experience in working with GSA’s mandatory disclosure team.

A discussion by Leo Alvarez and Jeff K. Clayton of Baker Tilly US, LLP will include:

  • An overview of the mandatory disclosure rule – 10 minutes
  • Conducting an internal investigation and timing of the disclosure – 10 minutes
  • Cost impacts and settlement strategies – 30 minutes
  • Moving beyond a mandatory disclosure – 10 minutes


Program Level:  Overview

Intended Audience:  Government contracts attorneys, in-house counsel for government contractors, the government contractor community at large, accountants and financial professionals and their staff who deal with the FAR MDR and the GSA FSS program

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None





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