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At the start of the pandemic, many attorneys expected the transition to require little more than adding Zoom links to meetings. Now it has become clear that working on a distributed or “hybrid” legal team is a paradigm shift. Those who fail to adapt will struggle to maintain connections, deliver quality work, earn promotions, and lead their teams. On the other hand, those who embrace the challenge have the opportunity to stand out and become champions of the new way of work. The keys to success? Hybrid teams are intentional about every aspect of their working model, including cultural norms. They put these ideas on paper, ensuring clear documentation not just of their assignments but their internal processes and expectations, allowing them to work more asynchronously. And finally, they regularly evaluate their progress using surveys and discussions to refine their hybrid approaches.

Ben Sachs, president of The Landing Group and professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, will provide attorneys with expert guidance on building and navigating remote and hybrid legal teams. Ben leverages his legal experience, including his time at Sidley Austin, and his business experience, including as COO of a technology company overseeing a large distributed workforce, to provide attorneys the guidance they need.  This Briefing is designed for attorneys of all levels. Topics will include:

  • A breakdown of what makes remote and hybrid teams unique, and why lawyers of all levels need to be more intentional about their role on such teams to succeed (10 minutes)
  • The concept of a “distributed team handbook,” a series of questions for practice groups/teams to discuss how they will operate effectively in a remote or hybrid environment (20 minutes)
  • Tips and tactics to address some of the most common obstacles for these teams, such as clarifying working styles, maintaining team culture, and ensuring equal access to growth opportunities regardless of remote status (30 minutes)

Participants with will be provided with practical, actionable advice to improve the way they work.



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