1-Hour Program

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Not all merger or acquisition deals close, and it is helpful to understand what happens during these kinds of transactions that can trigger litigation in the first place. Designed to improve your understanding of what to anticipate when assisting such case matters, this one-hour primer takes a well-rounded look at what exactly goes on in M&A deals and the common issues that arise in litigation as a result.

M&A disputes are not all built alike, and frequently include complex issues that land in state and federal jurisdictions, including the Delaware Chancery Court. This program will highlight the most common issues in M&A litigation that paralegals should know. Review the important role paralegals play in M&A litigation matters, and what responsibilities commonly fall upon paralegals in preparing for litigation.

What You Will Learn

  • What does M&A litigation look like today?
  • What happens during M&A deals that can cause litigation?
  • Why do these cases happen in the Delaware Chancery Court?
  • What role do paralegals play in M&A litigation prep?

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