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This Studio Briefing delivers a complete review of how litigation finance functions in insurance coverage matters.  The agenda addresses broad questions on how litigation funding works, generally, and how it can be applied in insurance-related cases along with examples of specific policy types where this type of financing can be applied and a review of the steps in the process.

What You Will Learn

  • Intro to Litigation Funding - Commercial Litigation Funding, Portfolio vs. Claimant Funding, Diligence with a Funder, Confidentiality and Privilege, Funder Control & Champerty/Maintenance
  •  Litigation Funding for Insurance Coverage Cases - Insurance Coverage Under First Party Policies, Insurance Coverage for Third-Party Liabilities, Types of Cases Funded, Why Funding Coverage Cases is Good for Lawyers and Clients, How Insurers Might Benefit from Litigation Funding
  • How Litigation Funding Works in Insurance Coverage Claims - Litigation Funding Process in a Coverage Case, Outreach, Case Review and Follow Up, Internal Review, Investment Committee, How Can Litigation Funding be Used in Coverage Cases? 
  • Litigation Finance During a Downturn - Why is Litigation Funding Valuable to Companies During a Recession? Have we Seen Increased Litigation as a Result of the Downturn? What Kind? Insights Regarding Current Downturn from the Firms’ Perspective

What You Will Learn

Attorneys focused on insurance litigation matters should find this program to be helpful. 


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