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Workplace culture consistently emerges as a talent management priority.  From our experience, most law firms have “smart” work cultures; providing oversight of the technical aspects of a firm.  These include strategy, delivery of legal services, practice group management, business development, marketing, technology, etc. It’s important for a firm to have a smart work culture, but it’s not enough to simply be “smart.” Today’s law firms also need to be “healthy.”   A healthy workplace culture focuses on people and relationships, hence leadership. Lawyers in healthy firms prioritize transparency, fairness, feedback, recognition, etc. because they know associates and staff will be more engaged, productive and committed.


As Peter Drucker, acclaimed management consultant, says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  If your firm’s culture doesn’t foster effective communication and accountability to implement the firm’s strategy, the strategy will likely fail.  This Briefing will examine the underlying behaviors that fuel healthy workplace cultures. It will spark ideas of what's possible at your firm. 


Expert faculty will:

  • Define workplace culture, why it's important and what we gain from investing in it
  • Discuss the consequences of unhealthy workplace cultures
  • Explore the foundations for building a healthy workplace culture
  • Share best practices to begin the process of building a healthy workplace culture




Denise Gaskin, Ph.D – RavenWork Inc.

Natalie Loeb, MS – Founder, CEO & Executive Leadership Coach, Loeb Leadership

David B. Sarnoff, Esq. – Director of Strategic Partnerships & Executive Leadership Coach, Loeb Leadership


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