6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

Lawyers and others are experimenting as never before with new forms of law practice, new business arrangements between lawyers and others, and new vehicles for the delivery of legal services, many of which do not involve lawyers at all. Among lawyers, the innovators include solos, small firms, and big firms. This program examines issues surrounding NewLaw - purely online delivery of legal services by lawyers through virtual law firms, especially relevant now during COVID-19 times. Online document-preparation and para-professional services, with and without lawyer involvement. Service companies that provide everything but the lawyers to a law firm. Sophisticated client-lawyer matching and legal-services bidding sites. Do-it-yourself tools provided by law firms to clients and even non-clients. Dangers lurk all around – from great variation in rules among jurisdictions to licensure restrictions to restrictions on fee-sharing, ownership of law practices and law firms by those who are not lawyers, and the unauthorized practice of law (UPL).

What You Will Learn

- You will learn about the current landscape of NewLaw, and tour the innovations and new developments in the market for legal and law-related services and their regulation.
- You will also take a closer look at the perils of fee-sharing with non-lawyers, the ethics of multi-jurisdictional practice, UPL and the supervision of non-lawyers, and the ethics of advertising and marketing.

Special Features

Earn four hours of Ethics credit.


Who Should Attend

Law firm managers, general counsel, risk managers, entrepreneurs and lawyers advising law firms, legal startups, BigLaw entrepreneurs, and non-law firm legal services providers will learn the latest law and strategies for navigating the dynamic, ever-changing world of NewLaw from leaders in the field and lawyers who counsel them.


Credit Details