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Noncompetes are an important tool in the protection of trade secrets and customer relationships. In the United States, noncompetes have been regulated exclusively by the states for more than 200 years. But their use, impact, and enforceability are now being reevaluated. This program will provide basics to help you learn what you need to know about restrictive covenant law, including understanding the types of restrictive covenants and protectable interests. You will gain insights into where the law is headed, with up to the minute changes and proposed state and federal regulation.

During this discussion registrants will:

  • Be given an overview of the law of noncompete and other restrictive covenants (20 minutes)
  • Get a look into what's happened recently at the state and federal governments (15 minutes)
  • Gain insights into where the law is headed (5 minutes)
  • Learn how to know which restrictive covenants to use, and when to use them (20 minutes)


Program Level: Update

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Russell Beck

Beck Reed Riden LLP


Hannah T. Joseph


John F. Marsh

Bailey Cavalieri LLC


Credit Details

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