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This program does not offer CLE credit in any jurisdiction. 

One-third of practicing lawyers are age 60 or older. Many of those lawyers will soon consider retiring, but retirement today is nothing like it used to be. People stay healthier and active for much longer than ever before. If you stop working in your 60s, you are likely to have 30 or more active years ahead of you. What will you do with all that time? For lawyers who are busy, driven, and highly successful, that question can be paralyzing - or exhilarating.  

In this engaging and inspiring Briefing, Ida O. Abbott, retirement strategist and author of Retirement by Design, will help you recognize the many opportunities and possibilities that a well-planned retirement can offer. She will also share tools and suggestions to make the transition into retirement easier, and give you a framework for creating your best possible retirement. You will learn:

  • What retirement means today in light of current life and work conditions and trends (10 minutes)
  • Why it can be hard to retire – and how to make it easier (20 minutes)
  • How planning for succession and transition can help you move ahead (10 minutes)
  • How design thinking can help you create an ideal retirement (20 minutes) 

Program Level:  Update

Prerequisites: None

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Ida O. Abbott

Ida Abbott Consulting LLC


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