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Law firms are increasingly faced with the challenge of providing more value to clients, for less cost, while still remaining profitable. Legal Process Improvement (LPI) is a toolkit you can use to streamline your processes, so you can deliver high- quality work more efficiently, allowing you to offer lower costs or fixed fees to your clients while still remaining profitable.

Why you should participate

This Interactive Learning Center course will teach you how to effectively use these tools in your day-to-day practice in order to improve organizational efficiency and increase client satisfaction.

What You Will Learn

After going completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Create a process map
  • Identify critical process steps—ones that add value for the client
  • Identify process steps that can be eliminated
  • Analyze a process to determine if the steps can be improved
  • Identify process defects
  • Evaluate whether changes to a process have been effective
  • Monitor and control the improved process

Special features

This program is from PLI's Interactive Learning Center. It offers a high level of participant engagement and requires more program interactions than a traditional program.

Who Should Attend

This experience is intended for associates, partners and managing directors working in litigation

Timed Agenda

1. Introduction (8.5 Minutes)
2. About Legal Process Improvement (11 Minutes)
3. Mapping the Current State of the Process (29 Minutes)
4. Identifying Areas for Improvement (20.5 Minutes)
5. Controlling the Improved Process (5.5 Minutes)
6. Wrap-Up (3 Minutes)

Total runtime: 01:29:00

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