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Why You Should Attend:

We often learn about the ethical obligations of attorneys theoretically in Professional Responsibility classes. Many of us feel that we will never have to worry about ethical issues in the course of our own practices. Nonetheless, ethical concerns often arise and must be addressed during the course of our careers. This program will take a candid look at real-world ethical pitfalls and share how to identify and avoid them.

What You Will Learn:

  • Discussing and addressing subtle legal ethics challenges that may arise
  • Recognizing and preventing temptations that may lead to a legal ethics transgression
  • Identifying how legal ethics principles such as, the attorney-client privilege, conflicts of interest and attorney advertising may arise when using social media
  • Reviewing how to address mental health and substance abuse concerns that can impact us, our colleagues and our ability to provide the best service for our clients, which may implicate our professional duty of competence

Who Should Attend:

Lawyers new to the practice should find this program particularly informative.


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Credit Details

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