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Why You Should Attend:

Teamwork in the legal profession is essential in achieving successful results in our endeavors. This program will explore how to build and manage your team, including initial hiring, mentoring, professional development, pro bono opportunities and giving feedback.

What You Will Learn:

  • Designing criteria to use in forming and building your legal team – at a law firm or legal department
  • Giving feedback: the importance of constructive feedback and how to give it to lawyers
  • Developing ways to encourage the professional development of your team members, including pro bono opportunities, to the benefit of attorney skills and practice development
  • Recognizing characteristics of great mentors in law practice: your job as a mentor and how you can achieve that
  • Knowing legal ethical considerations: “it’s how you play the game” that’s important at all times

Who Should Attend:

Newly-admitted and mid-career lawyers should find this program to be helpful.

PLI’s Studio Briefings are on-demand video CLE programs that feature an intimate and engaging round table discussion format with legal and industry experts addressing a range of topics.  Visit our landing page for our library of PLI Studio Briefings.


Credit Details

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