1-Day Program

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Knowledge Management & Innovation (“KM&I”) are critical business functions for law firms and legal departments. An effective KM&I strategy can improve and enhance the delivery of legal services and legal operations. KM&I Attorneys often lead or play a key role in these initiatives.

In this half-day conference, you will learn from experienced KM&I attorneys about sophisticated best practices, techniques, and innovative uses of knowledge curation, legal technology, and data to drive efficiencies at law firms and legal departments.


What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Implement best practices and build effective approaches for curating KM content and encouraging attorney participation
  • Apply lessons learned from real-world case studies to drive data strategy at your law firm or legal department
  • Employ the legal innovation lifecycle to successfully introduce new practice technologies and workflows, as well as watch out for pitfalls to avoid when selecting a new legal technology solution
  • Engage attorneys and legal professionals at law firms and legal departments to understand the benefits of participating in KM, data, and innovation initiatives
  • Understand career paths and opportunities for KM&I Attorneys and practicing attorneys interested in these types of roles




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