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Marketing campaigns have increasingly been relying on celebrity talent and influencers in order to lend credibility and increase exposure for a brand.  Although celebrity talent and influencers are an invaluable tool for marketers, recent celebrity controversies demonstrate the substantial risks in tying a marketing campaign to a celebrity or influencer.  As a result, negotiating talent and influencer agreements has become increasingly complicated, and entails a number of nuances that take into account both legal risk and business realities.

Faculty will discuss the key issues for negotiating talent and influencer agreements, including:

  • Introduction to talent and influencer agreements, discussing the situations in which a talent agreement would be applicable (5 minutes)
  • Discussion of exclusivity clauses in talent and influencer agreements, including tips for appropriately tailoring an exclusivity clause (10 minutes)
  • Discussion of talent approval rights, including recommendations for appropriately tailoring an approval right based on the nature of content (10 minutes)
  • Discussion of IP ownership in an influencer agreement (5 minutes)
  • Guidance on morals clauses, including the need for morals clauses, best practices for standard clauses, and tips for negotiating a morals clause (20 minutes)
  • Discussion of required clauses in order to comply with Federal Trade Commission and related guidance (10 minutes)


Who Should Attend:  In-house counsel, outside attorneys, compliance, and other allied professionals with practices in advertising law

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None





Louis P. DiLorenzo

Davis+Gilbert LLP


Samantha G. Rothaus

Davis+Gilbert LLP


Credit Details

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