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Over the last few years, acquisitions of insurance agents and wholesalers has been one of the hottest areas of M&A activity.  While insurance brokerage M&A was down in the first quarter of 2021, 2020 was another record-setting year.  According to Optis Partners, 774 acquisitions of insurance distributors were completed in 2020, nearly 20% more than in 2019 – and that was despite depressed activity in the 2nd quarter as a result of the impact of COVID-19.  What makes this area so hot?  And what unique considerations and issues does the acquisitions of insurance distributors involve?

In this One-Hour Briefing, our group of distinguished professionals will explore the following:

  • Trends in insurance distribution M&A (5 minutes)
  • Competitive landscape for insurance distribution M&A (5 minutes)
  • Discussion of the identity and profiles of insurance distribution acquirors and sellers (10 minutes)
  • Attraction of M&A in the insurance distribution space (10 minutes) 
  • Legal and regulatory consideration for insurance M&A (10 minutes)
  • Due diligence in insurance distribution M&A (10 minutes)
  • Use of RWI and other insurance products for insurance distribution M&A (10 minutes)


Program Level: Update

Intended Audience: In-house counsel, outside attorneys, insurance and other allied professionals involved in insurance brokerage M&A

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Joseph Ehrlich

Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC



Lou Caltavuturo

Vantage Insurance Partners, Inc.


David Lotz

Brown & Brown, Inc.


John Wepler





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