6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

Intellectual property ("IP") monetization and investment is now a core consideration for many companies and investors. Historically focused on high tech and ecommerce, as well as brand and pharma royalties, IP monetization is also of increasing importance more generally, including for automotive, media, financial services, biopharma, medical device and other companies that rely on technology.


IP monetization transactions and structures can generate substantial financial and strategic value, adding an array of options for IP owners and investors. At the same, the IP environment in the U.S. has become significantly more complex, with a resulting material impact on IP monetization strategies. Staying abreast of relevant developments relating to IP monetization is critical. The state of the law and of the IP marketplace continues to evolve rapidly, with significant legal and business developments occurring on a regular basis. Adding another dimension of complexity and opportunity, IP monetization at the international level has become a fundamental component of many IP monetization programs, as a significant portion of Europe moves toward a unitary European patent, and IP law and strategies continue to mature rapidly in Asian economies. The result is a complex and fluid environment with a substantial amount of both opportunity and uncertainty.


What You Will Learn

  • NEW! Explore emerging strategies and techniques to financially leverage data assets
  • NEW! Emerging insurance models and products to manage risk in monetization transactions
  • NEW! Update on IP valuation
  • NEW! Analysis of sovereign immunity with respect to patents
  • Updated! Learn the current state of the IP monetization marketplace
  • Revised! Maximize IP portfolio value in today’s environment
  • New Developments! Master the increasingly complex licensing and enforcement landscapes, judicial, legislative and agency actions impacting IP monetization strategies, as well as new monetization products and strategies
  • Updated! Gain current tips from a broad range of key IP monetization players
  • Explore ethical issues arising in IP assertions and monetization transactions;


Special Feature

  • Earn one hour of Ethics credit


Who Should Attend

This program is designed for in-house corporate, financing and IP counsel and personnel responsible for IP monetization strategies; corporate IP and knowledge managers; financing and investment professionals, as well as others who need to learn or get up to speed on the latest developments in IP monetization.

Credit Details