5-Hour Program

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This one day conference will take a two-pronged approach to engage attendees and participants in identifying and developing effective strategies: 

First, there will be three panels, each one focused on identifying key developments and analyzing their impact in a substantive policy and regulatory issues area:  
  • Foreign investment reviews;  

  • Trade and technology controls; and 

  • Sensitive data, network, and supply chain security. 

Second, there will be three panels, each one focused on describing the current state of expectations, best practices, and practical success strategies in a risks and requirements posture area: 

  • U.S. Government: senior U.S. Government national security officials and regulators will provide perspective on their assessments, priorities, and expectations; 

  • Proactive: anticipating, defining, and reducing policy and regulatory risks and requirements before they manifest; 

  • Reactive: detecting, containing, and resolving policy and regulatory risks and requirements when they manifest; and 

The Conference will bring together industry, financial, regulatory, and policy experts; attorneys and professional service providers; US and foreign Government officials; and corporate and organization executives who operate at the intersection of policy, technology, trade, and finance to provide interdisciplinary insight into the risks and opportunities of a dynamic world.  


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