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PLI is proud to join Co-Chairs Andrew Auchincloss and Beth Tractenberg in presenting International Estate and Tax Planning 2022. Throughout 2021 even experienced estate planners faced unforeseen challenges brought on by the global pandemic and clients’ changing priorities.  Now, more than ever, professionals must be expertly equipped to address their international private clients’ unique and complicated legal issues.   

Join us on June 1st for this streamlined, deep dive into this specialized practice.  We will discuss the critical areas that practitioners must know in advising individuals with cross-border interests including important guidance on tax planning for those seeking to relocate to the U.S. from abroad or vice-versa.  We will also provide important updates on transparency initiatives around the globe that impact the international private client.

What You Will Learn

  • Move beyond the basics in advising clients considering permanent relocation
  • What partners with different citizenships need to know
  • Why residence v. domicile is key for tax planning
  • Understand how tax is calculated under Section 877A
  • Know what has changed about Section 2801 inheritance tax and why it matters
  • Up-to-date practical guidance on disclosure requirements and compliance issues

Special Features: None

Program Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Experience in the field of estate and tax planning, including knowledge of the U.S. Tax Code

Intended Audience: Legal and financial professionals who advise clients, including expats living abroad and non-U.S. citizens, or manage assets of such clients with cross-border property interests.   

Advanced Prep: None

Credit Details

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