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Why You Should Attend:

This series of Studio Briefings on International Corporate Practice highlights select topics for insightful analysis with Carole Basri, the author of PLI’s treatise, “International Corporate Practice : A Practitioner's Guide to Global Success,” and many of the book’s chapter authors and legal experts.
This Studio Briefing will define what factors constitute a corporate crisis versus an incident and what concrete steps corporations could take to prepare for either with a special focus on international crises and the special considerations that arise from cross-border events. Our experts discuss how to spot warning signs that could signal a crisis in the making, along with how management can develop a crisis plan, including what funding, insurance and internal protocols could be established in preparation for such an event.

What You Will Learn:

•What is crisis management and why should corporate counsel care about it?
•What are the basic elements/stages of a crisis?
•What forms of corporate crises are there and what potential threats can be imposed by them?
•How do you manage a crisis?
•What elements make up a crisis plan? - Simulation, fund, insurance, insurance notification, investigations protocol, review?
•How recent global events implicate crisis management strategies – COVID, Supply Chain, Ukraine

Who Should Attend:

Lawyers engaged in international corporate practice and crisis management matters, should find this program to be informative.

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