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Why You Should Attend:

This series of Studio Briefings on International Corporate Practice highlights select topics for insightful analysis with Carole Basri, the author of PLI’s treatise, “International Corporate Practice: A Practitioner's Guide to Global Success,” and many of the book’s chapter authors and legal experts. This Studio Briefing will cover a range of environmental compliance issues including, fundamental regulatory and liability concerns and related branches of compliance focus, including, contamination and remediation, environmental product stewardship, toxic torts, ESG and enforcement trends, among other related topics.

What You Will Learn:

• General overview of key international environmental law issues for the corporate practitioner

• Core regulatory and liability concepts (relative to US environmental law)

• Regulatory compliance requirements and near-term impact to the bottom line

• Product Stewardship: Recycling, disposal and registration

• Contamination liability and remediation requirements

• Environmental enforcement trends

• Toxic torts

• The Road Ahead: Sustainability and ESG

Who Should Attend:

Lawyers engaged in international corporate practice and environmental compliance matters, in particular, should find this program to be informative.

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