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This is where you will find the recordings of the “Patent Office Exam Course – Supplemental Webinars”, John White and Gene Quinn .”  In this webinar series, John and Gene do not cover any new material, they review the points you should have learned in the course prior to each lecture and take questions from those who attended the live webinars.  You will get the most out of each webinar if you do the assigned reading, lectures, and practice exams seriously before listening to each webinar. In no way is this a substitute for doing the online course as it is assigned there. In fact, if you must choose, you should do the online course rather than these Webinars. They are only a supplement to the course proper.  


If you have further substantive questions, you can reach John White through the online course interface or at john.white@pli.edu.  If your questions are not about the content, but about anything else (technology, course administration, etc.), address your questions to patentexam@pli.edu.


If you have not done so, you can sign up for PLI’s Patent Office Exam Course at https://www.pli.edu/poec/home.

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