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Why You Should Attend:

This Studio Briefing addresses the state of intellectual property law and regulation, paying special attention to how global IP law, IP non-profit organizations and social and industrial policies shape the current landscape. Our faculty features leading voices in intellectual property law from a range of perspectives, providing an informative depth of commentary. The agenda examines the intersection of trademark and patent law and emerging issues arising from that nexus, along with US legal and regulatory developments and global economic, political, and social factors impacting IP law. This wide-ranging discussion is designed to offer a helpful review of the major issues that IP practitioners should know today as well as topics that may develop into critical issues in the near future.

What You Will Learn:

  • Reviewing the role, relevance, and future of IP nonprofits: Established players: INTA, AIPLA, ABA, IPO, New players: C4IP, USIPA, GLIPA, IP conferences: Should we expect more?
  • Assessing the state of play of IP law, regulation and development in the US: Congress, the courts, and the agencies, Laws and policies, Inclusion innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity: Women, Youth, Racial and other minority groups
  • Evaluating relevant geopolitics, economics, and global trends impacting global IP developments: Asia / Europe, Latin America/Africa, Multilateral, plurilateral, and bilateral developments
  • Examining intersections in trademark and patent law: INTA: A stronger patent focus?, Extraterritorial damages, Design patents, trade dress, and functionality, AI: Eligibility, enforcement, and accountability, Emerging issues: the metaverse, NFTs, and ESG
  • Reflecting on the current IP state of play and looking ahead: 2022, 2023 and beyond

Who You Should Attend:

Lawyers engaged in intellectual property matters should find this program informative.


PLI’s Studio Briefings are on-demand video CLE programs that feature an intimate and engaging round table discussion format with legal and industry experts addressing a range of topics.  Visit our landing page for our library of PLI Studio Briefings.

Credit Details

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