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Once considered novel at the beginning of the pandemic, virtual litigation has moved beyond that to be considered a routine and commonplace part of practicing law.  Even as offices and courts reopen, adopting and maintaining robust practices for virtual appearances is critical and beneficial to one’s practice. 

Alanna G. Clair, a partner at Dentons US LLP, will provide guidance in this program on how to navigate virtual practice and adapt to the “new normal.”  This Briefing is designed for attorneys of all levels.  Topics will include:

  • Practical tips for advocating effectively in a virtual litigation setting, including how to prepare for virtual events, how to create a record, and how to add to the overall aesthetic of your presentation (20 minutes);
  • Guidance on how to reduce risks when working remotely, including issues relating to billing and the risks of “dabbling” (15 minutes);
  • Tips for remote practice, including a discussion of recent cases that have addressed discovery in virtual practice (10 minutes); 
  • Maintaining connections in a remote world (10 minutes);
  • The importance of mental health resources and support when teams are working remotely (5 minutes).



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