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Why You Should Attend

Our faculty discuss how Imposter Syndrome manifests in the legal community, sharing how it is defined, how it relates to mental health and wellness and how that connection can raise legal ethics duties for lawyers. The program also addresses related issues, the fear of failure and the endless drive toward perfection, and their proximity to Imposter Syndrome. Our faculty also offer practical ways that leadership in the legal community can effectively address this issue in their organizations.  

What You Will Learn

• Defining Imposter Syndrome – a widespread phenomenon despite not classified in DSM-V as a mental health disorder, the not uncommon feeling that you do not belong, deserve the recognition you've received or would not be accepted as your authentic self- how does it manifest in the legal community and impact attorney well-being?

• Fear of Failure – What motivates our choices as lawyers? Are our choices aligned with our values or motivated by fear? Is the word “failure” overused and often hyperbolic?  How can the practice of law sharpen this fear? 

• Striving towards perfection in law practice can be a great motivator and very satisfying. What happens when your perfectionism makes you sick? When is "over-preparing" for a litigation or transaction counter-productive?

• How the ethical duty of competence ties to Imposter Syndrome

• How the Imposter Syndrome can complicate a supervising attorney’s ethical duty of supervision

• What can lawyers and their employers do to address Imposter Syndrome personally and organizationally? Supported by the ethical duty of supervision, how can supervising attorneys develop and sustain confidence within their direct reports to combat the emergence and spread of Imposter Syndrome from within?  

 Who Should Attend

Legal and allied professionals interested in mental health and wellness concerns in their professions should find this program informative.


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