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Employers are facing issues related to their workforce to a degree never experienced before due to COVID-19, and it is critical for employers to protect themselves as they make decisions surrounding continuing business operations, remote work and returns to office. There have been many relevant changes to employee-related immigration processes and procedures as a result of COVID-19 that have had a significant impact on organizations. This panel will discuss considerations that employers should take into account when making immigration-related employment decisions in a pandemic.

Kate Kalmykov and Nataliya Rymer of Greenberg Traurig, LLP will cover:

  • Non-immigrant visa requirements including LCA compliance considerations (15 minutes)
  • I-9 changes and procedures (5 minutes)
  • Worldwide consular update (15 minutes)
  • Update on travel bans and visa suspensions (10 minutes)
  • National interest exemptions (10 minutes) 
  • Conclusion and practice tips (5 minutes)



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