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In recent years, cutting-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, robotics, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and augmented reality have been transforming our world.  With the coronavirus pandemic inflicting unprecedented social and economic upheaval and suffering, what impact -- positive, negative or none at all -- are these disruptive technologies having on efforts to combat the coronavirus, and what role could these technologies play in identifying, tracking, and mitigating future pandemics?  In this program, John F. Delaney, a partner in the New York office of Perkins Coie LLP whose practice focuses on emerging technologies and related legal issues, will address:

  • How are disruptive IT-related technologies being used to fight the COVID-19 epidemic? 
  • Which technologies are proving effective?  Which technologies have had only limited or no impact, and why?
  • How can these technologies be used to protect society against future pandemics?
  • What are the key legal issues and challenges raised by efforts to employ these disruptive technologies against the coronavirus pandemic?



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