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The recent pandemic has required the Courts, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and lawyers to adapt to presenting their cases, arguments and even trials, using different online programs, such as Zoom and WebEx. The change in forum is particularly challenging for complex cases, such as patent cases, as evidentiary presentations, witness explanations, examinations and cross-examinations are being presented live over video. Additionally, because the presentations are limited to viewing such information on one or two computer screens, practitioners need to plan the best way to present evidence and argument effectively and in a meaningful way in order to connect with your audience.   

Topics include:

  • Hear how the faculty handled the first online federal patent bench trial via Zoom, having witnesses testify live from all around the world [5 minutes]
  • Listen to the manner in which faculty handled the first online PTAB trial via WebEx [5 minutes]
  • Explore the many aspects of preparation that goes into handling remote proceedings, which includes the suggested room and camera set up for attorneys and witnesses [5 minutes]
  • Learn how to prepare both fact witnesses and experts for trial remotely [5 minutes]
  • Discover the best formats for presenting evidence and how to prepare such evidence [5 minutes]
  • Understand the skills that practitioners require before handling such hearings and trials, which includes everything from knowing the software, having the right technical support and team support [5 minutes]
  • Get best practices for handling online hearings and trials, which includes:
    • managing the presentation, the evidence, being prepared for the unexpected, which includes what others can see online and what they cannot see [5 minutes]
    • handling of direct and cross examination [5 minutes]
    • handling of exhibits for both direct and cross examination [5 minutes]
    • handling of highly confidential information, such as source code, and closing the Court [5 minutes]
    • effective use of deposition testimony [5 minutes]
    • presentation of evidence and demonstratives [5 minutes]


Intended audience:

Litigators and in-house counsel who participate in virtual/remote online hearings, trials, arbitrations, mediations and other types of proceedings will find this One Hour Briefing of great value and importance.



James Hannah

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP


Lisa Kobialka

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP



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