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Did you see your colleague quoted in the news? Why are reporters calling her and not you?  The answer could be that reporters call the people they know.  They don't call an attorney they never heard of. Therefore, it is critical to learn how to ethically introduce yourself to the media as a source for comment.

When you do get a call from a reporter, do you know where to draw the lines to ensure you follow the Rules of Professional Conduct?  Are you prepared to safely speak about your own case?  Are you ready to comment on a case in the news or explain how a change in regulation will affect business operations?

Please join Craig Dobson of Dobson Law LLC and Janet L. Falk of Falk Communications and Research as they present the ethics requirements and mechanics for connecting with and talking to the media.  They will:

  • Address the ethical issues of presenting yourself to reporters as a source (15 minutes)
  • Review the ethical issues of speaking to reporters about a case your own firm filed in court (15 minutes)
  • Discuss how to develop brief biographical material to introduce yourself to the media as a credible source on legal and business issues (15 minutes)
  • Offer suggestions on how to prepare material (press release) to announce the status of a case filed in court (15 minutes)


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