1-Hour Program

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This seminar is focused on issues of discovery as it relates to cross-border civil litigation and criminal investigations, and what role paralegals and litigation sraff play in the discovery process. Upon completing this program, attendees will be able to participate confidently and efficiently in international discovery disputes with a well rounded understanding of the laws at play.

There will also be an emphasis on eDiscovery considerations in international litigation. Attendees will lbe able to understand how the GDPR and other international privacy laws impact discovery requests. They will also learn best practices for handling issues related to data location, the importance of cultural issues, and other cross-border considerations.

What You Will Learn

  • Discovery involving international disputes: learn how discovery can differ in different legal systems (common law vs. civil law) and depending on the type of case.
  • What type of information is typically sought by plaintiffs or the government? How should you handle these kinds of discovery requests?
  • Know how to proceed when encountering eDiscovery considerations in international litigation.

Credit Details

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