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The demands and costs of e-discovery in litigation continue to grow. Nearly every case now involves some sort of e-discovery, and it is essential to know how to effectively and fairly handle the many issues that can arise. Our outstanding faculty of experienced lawyers, judges, and e-discovery professionals will provide an inside look at the current state of e-discovery, give tips for avoiding pitfalls litigants have encountered in the years since the passage of the federal rules, and discuss important ethical issues in light of court decisions imposing discovery sanctions and outlining the duties of outside and in-house counsel. The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on e-discovery practice will also be explored.

This program is designed to provide counsel with the understanding necessary to advise clients on state, federal and international e-discovery strategic and technology issues. You will take away practical strategies you can use when you are called upon to provide guidance on e-retention policies or e-discovery.


What You Will Learn 

• Updates on the latest legal developments in e-discovery
• Hear from judges, in-house counsel, outside counsel, and others facing the myriad of e-discovery issues that can arise in litigation
• Gain the perspectives of experienced e-discovery attorneys who have encountered problems similar to those your clients will likely face
• Get practical tips for conducting efficient and defensible discovery in the electronic age
• Learn why sanctions are imposed for e-discovery violations and how you can avoid similar issues
• Explore Rule 37(e) regarding the loss of electronically stored information (ESI)
• Hear how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected e-discovery practice


Special Features

• Earn one hour of ethics credit


Prerequisites: Attorneys or allied professionals intersted in exploring the e-discovery issues that can arise in litigation should attend.

Intended Audience: This program will benefit litigators, in-house counsel, outside counsel, and other attorneys and allied professionals facing the myriad of e-discovery issues that can arise in litigation.

Advanced Prep: None

Credit Details

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