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Fund Finance 2023 brings together global industry leaders, finance professionals and investors to discuss and explore the latest trends, strategies and insights in the fund finance market. 

This highly anticipated program – now in its fifth year – will focus on the terms, structures and complexities of the market, including subscription lines and capital call facilities, secondaries and continuation fund financings and NAV and preferred equity financings.  The program will also have a dedicated panel on one of the most rapidly growing areas of fund finance -  GP-led and LP-led collateralized fund obligations and rated feeder structures.  The panelists will also discuss the increasing presence of investment funds, insurance companies, pension plans and other non-bank capital throughout the fund finance ecosystem.

Fund Finance 2023 will provide a platform for participants to gain a deep understanding of the market, network with thought leaders and foster collaborations that drive innovation and growth throughout the fund finance industry.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the material issues and concerns with a wide array of subscription line, secondaries and continuation fund financing structures
  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of NAV facilities and preferred equity financings, including challenges with security arrangements and related foreclosure concerns
  • Explain the rapid growth of both GP-led collateralized fund obligations and related regulatory concerns affecting both CFOs and rated feeder structures.
  • Understand current market updates and forecasts for the fund finance industry   

Program Level: Update

Prerequisites: A general understanding of fund finance terms and structures.

Advanced Preparation: None

Credit Details

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