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Why You Should Attend 
Cyberattacks against the financial services industry and third-party entities that support the financial services sector have soared over the past few years, and the costs associated with such crimes have continued to surge. The current cyber threat landscape also has rapidly changed due to new geopolitical factors, COVID-19, and emerging technologies. In one of the most heavily regulated industries, regulators are demanding enhanced cyber vigilance within the financial services sector. Over the last two years, the OCC, FRB, FDIC, FTC, SEC, NYDFS, and NCUA have issued or proposed new cyber regulations, and these regulators have issued multi-million dollar fines on companies that have failed to comply with cybersecurity regulations and/or risk management obligations. The evolving threat landscape, increasing regulations, growing litigation and regulatory enforcement concerns, and skyrocketing cyber insurance costs, have fundamentally changed cyber risk management and compliance programs within the financial services industries.  In addition, corporate executives and boards of directors have not been immune to these enhanced regulations and costs as greater emphasis has been placed on cybersecurity governance and executive responsibility.  As cyber threats and regulations are rapidly increasing in the financial services sector, the concerns with managing these risks effectively have only increased. This program will review the cybersecurity threat landscape in the financial services industry, applicable regulations, trends in enforcement actions and private litigation, and best practices for designing and managing compliance programs, mitigating risk, and handling issues if they arise.

What You Will Learn 
After completing this program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the current cybersecurity threats landscape
• Know the current status of cybersecurity regulations impacting the financial services industries, including recent disclosure and notification requirements by regulatory agencies
• Design and manage compliance programs to address cybersecurity threats, consistent with current regulatory requirements and best practices
• Recognize recent trends in enforcement actions and private litigations with respect to data breaches
• Understand the impact of strong cybersecurity compliance programs on cyber insurance costs;
• Know the recent regulatory emphasis on cybersecurity governance obligations on executive management and Boards of Directors; and
• Discuss the various regulatory, governmental and private litigation theories of liability against companies and individuals related to cybersecurity incidents and data breaches.

Who Should Attend  
This program is designed for attorneys, compliance officers, and other professionals who provide advice on information security strategy, compliance, and risk management issues related to the financial services industries, or who are called upon to address the legal and regulatory enforcement actions that often follow.

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites:  An interest in information security, compliance, and risk management issues related to the financial services industry.

Advanced Preparation:

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