3-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend
This program will provide an introduction to the rapidly changing practice of limited scope representation (often called “unbundling”) in a family law context, including all of the fee agreements, forms and other materials you will need to practice limited scope representation competently, safely and profitably.

What You Will Learn
  • The ethical rules governing limited scope representation
  • How to limit risk, including malpractice and insurance coverage issues
  • How to identify the cases which lend themselves to limited scope representation
  • How to reach a currently untapped pool of paying clients
  • How to market your limited scope practice
  • How to use limited scope to expand pro bono recruitment, lawyer for a day programs, and stretch legal services budgets farther
  • Who Should Attend
    Solo and small firm family lawyers who serve middle class and moderate income clients, any family lawyer who wants to expand their client and referral base, and pro bono recruiters and legal services providers who want to learn how to help more clients with limited funding would benefit from attending this program. 

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