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Why You Should Attend

Join us once again at this unique interactive program, where our faculty will review a new set of hypotheticals to test your knowledge of the pertinent ethical rules, as you match wits with our expert faculty, and contestants. What would you do? What do the experts say you should do? This program had past attendees raving: “My favorite PLI program so far”; “Amusing cases and a fun and interactive way to do ethics training. Bravo!”; “Hilarious presenters, engaging format, very well done”; and “Very fun and refreshing means of presenting ethical information!”

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

• Recognize the cost of using trickery to obtain an advantage in investigating legal cases

• Understand how the courts have treated the lack of civility from lawyers and their clients

• Measure the impact of evolving technology on the attorney-client relationship and privilege determinations

• Identify the attendant consequences when even well-intentioned attorneys and judges have bad days

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for any attorney or allied professional seeking a fun, unconventional way to learn more about legal ethics.

Special Feature(s): Volunteers selected from the in person audience will compete against each other for a prize as they test their knowledge of legal ethics and professional responsibility. Attendees in person and online will play along using interactive polling.

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: A general understanding of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Advanced Preparation: None

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