3-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend:

Do you want to make better social media videos – and – comply with legal ethics? This CLE won’t improve your videos, but it will help you keep everything else you do online on the right side of the ethical rules. PLI’s knowledgeable faculty will discuss legal ethics issues implicated by social media use, current online trends, and collaborative tools. They will also explore how ethics regulators investigate and resolve complaints against lawyers, particularly complaints involving technology. The program will also feature an expert discussion of how clients can navigate the news media and social media ecosystem as well as the role for lawyers.

What You Will Learn:

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Help clients understand select legal risks of social media, online tools, and communicating with the news media
  • Flag potential social media legal ethics issues for attorneys in common contexts such as: networking, advising clients, deals, advertising, litigation and more
  • Locate the relevant ethics rules and guidance for easy reference after the program
  • Maximize the benefits of social media and online tools for lawyers, while complying with ethical rules and professionalism expectations
  • Effectively pursue social media evidence in discovery or any investigation

Who Should Attend: All attorneys and allied professionals who use or advise clients on social media and need to understand or are otherwise interested in the professional and legal ethical risks and benefits of social media.

Prerequisites: An interest in the professional and legal ethical risks and benefits of social media. 

Program Level: Overview

Advanced Prep: None

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