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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) has become one of the “hot topics” for all types of companies and investors, frequently taking center stage at conferences, on earning calls, and in webinars and news articles. The private equity industry is no exception. Once viewed as a “nice-to-have” tangential considerations for private equity investors, ESG is now front and center, with ESG considerations woven into the very fabric of firm culture and investment-making decisions.  But what exactly is ESG? How does it inform investment decisions? And why is it so central to limited partners and private equity professionals in their decision-making processes?

In this One-Hour Briefing, Joseph Ehrlich, National Practice Leader for Private Equity, Family Office and M&A at Brown & Brown Specialty Risk Solutions, will be joined by Faisal Khan, Partner at ERM and Michael R. Littenberg, Partner at Ropes & Gray LLP as they explore ESG in the private equity industry.

Topics will include:

  • What is ESG and how does it differ from impact investing? (10 minutes)
  • Why has ESG become such a “hot topic” for the private equity industry? (5 minutes)
  • Is ESG just “good” or is it “good business?” What benefits do private equity professionals seek to gain by incorporating ESG factors into their strategy and investments? (10 minutes)
  • How are private equity fund and limited partners incorporating ESG policy into fund structure and decision-making? What role does ESG play in due diligence? How are ESG considerations being incorporated into the “traditional” due diligence workstream? (10 minutes)
  • How are private equity funds and limited partners measuring, evaluating and reporting on ESG initiatives? (5 minutes)
  • What are the challenges to implementing, evaluating and reporting on ESG initiatives? (5 minutes)
  • What steps are being taken to create an objective standard? (10 minutes)
  • What is the future of ESG in private equity? What role will regulators play in the future of ESG? (5 minutes)


Program Level:  Update

Intended Audience:  In-house counsel, outside attorneys, compliance, accounting, finance and other allied professionals interested in ESG in the private equity industry

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None


Credit Details

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