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Why You Should Attend

One of a series of Studio Briefings covering economic development law and regulation, this episode focuses on Public-Private Partnerships (P3) advocacy, including how a P3 arrangement could be defined, the role of local government, private sector engagement and strategies in P3 projects and best practices for P3 advocacy on a local governmental level.

What You Will Learn

• How would you define an economic development Public-Private Partnership?
• What role does local government play in the development of a PPP?
• What needs to be done to prepare for a private sector client who plans to advocate for a local economic development PPP?
• What strategies work best for private sector clients seeking to gain passage of PPPs at the local government level?
• What is the single most important advocacy tactic needed for the successful passage of PPPs at the local government level?

Who Should Attend

Attorneys engaged in economic development, labor and employment and real estate matters related to project finance and public-private partnerships (P3) should find this program to be informative.


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