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 Why You Should Attend

Whether the second profession that a lawyer holds involves law-related work or not, their status as a lawyer can implicate a range of legal ethics rules that may not seem obvious. Our expert faculty will address important factors that often arise in dual profession matters, including distinguishing between law-related and non law-related services, client communications and scope of services, malpractice and insurance coverage issues, as well as specific ethics rules and hypothetical samples to illustrate helpful situational context.  

 What You Will Learn

• The critical distinction between law-related services and nonlegal services

• Best practices regarding engagements and scope of services

• Client communications; confidentiality and privilege; conflicts advertising and solicitation; and third-party communications

• Examples of malpractice and insurance coverage cases arising from dual professions

• Application of the rules and best practices to hypothetical examples

 Who Should Attend

Lawyers engaged in an additional profession to their law practice or considering it should find this program helpful. 


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