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Ever see a drone flying overhead and wonder, “can they fly that there?” This event will present a high-level, basic summary of the current drone laws in the US, including the interplay between federal and state/local regulations of drones. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the legal tools to navigate the flight of your drone between the often-conflicting patchwork of laws across the US.

Drone law experts will discuss:

  • The federal framework of the National Airspace, federal drone laws and federal commercial drone regulations (15 minutes)
  • The framework of federal preemption of the National Airspace (5 minutes)
  • State and local police powers used to implement hundreds of drone laws across the US (10 minutes)
  • Case law interpreting the interplay between federal drone laws and state/local drone laws (10 minutes)
  • The current gaps in federal commercial drone regulations, the future of drone laws and operational considerations in commercial drone operations (20 minutes)


Who Should Attend: In-house counsel, outside attorneys, commercial drone operators, other allied professionals interested in staying current on issues surrounding the operation of drones

Program Level: Basic

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Dustin Schocken



Melissa Tye



Peter L. Vanderloo


Credit Details

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