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The last two years have resulted in an uneven economic recovery.  People of color, low-wage workers, and women, particularly women of color continue to experience the negative economic impact of the pandemic, especially as the enhanced child tax credit and other COVID-related economic supports are expiring.  It is no surprise that this recovery is very tied to race and gender. 

This session will discuss:

  • How has Covid-19 impacted consumers of color (and what is the continued effect of the prolonged pandemic) (10 minutes)
  • The current state of the issues and how racism impacts debtors and exacerbates cycles of poverty (10 minutes)
  • What consumer laws, legal, and advocacy approaches are available for attorneys to address these issues (10 minutes)
  • How pro bono attorneys and legal services/nonprofit attorneys/advocates can work to eliminate racial disparities and the impacts of structural and systemic discrimination and racism on consumers of color (30 minutes)


Who Should Attend:  All attorneys who are interested in helping underrepresented people.  Pro bono opportunities in consumer law are often good grounds for newer attorneys to get litigation experience in a truncated timeline.  Consumer issues deeply impact people on a nearly hour-to-hour basis.  People lose sleep, become depressed, and medical conditions are exacerbated by the stress of debt and money management.  Pro bono volunteers in this space make a significant, and often nearly immediate impact on the mental wellbeing of consumers in addition to assisting with the underlying legal issues.

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Desirée Nguyen Orth (East Bay Community Law Center)

Odette Williamson (National Consumer Law Center)

Credit Details

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