1-Hour Program

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For many non-matrimonial attorneys, matrimonial law seems distinct from other kinds of litigation.  While there are rules and practices that are specific to matrimonial litigation varying from state to state, the issues and approach are similar regardless of the jurisdiction.  This Briefing will provide a roadmap for divorce litigation to highlight the ways in which matrimonial practice is, and is not, unique.  Faculty will start with a review of the consultation and retainer process, the substantive financial and custodial issues raised in divorce litigation, the permissible discovery relating thereto, the best arguments for and against requesting a judge be assigned to the case, and a procedural review of the litigation process.

Please join Kelly A. Frawley and Emily S. Pollock, Partners at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP as they:

  • Review strategies and objectives for consulting with matrimonial counsel – 5 minutes
  • Review the procedural steps of a divorce proceeding – 10 minutes
  • Review benefits and drawbacks to seeking judicial intervention – 5 minutes
  • Provide overview of the substantive financial issues – 15 minutes
  • Review custody and parenting issues relating to children of the marriage – 15 minutes
  • Discuss the permissible scope and structure of discovery in divorce litigation – 10 minutes



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