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Using the production of a new legal drama being shot for television as the setting, participants are challenged to cast roles, alter scripts, and make story suggestions to improve diversity and inclusion in the fictional firm portrayed in the show. These activities will help the participant understand the perspectives of real people in similar, real-life workplace situations and appreciate the negative impact of poor diversity and inclusion practices on people and organizations.

Why You Should Attend

Participants will gain an understanding of the issues, including implicit bias, that limit progress on increasing diversity and inclusion in the practice of law and learn to take action to address them. This program's role-playing and goal-setting activities are engagement methodologies that research has shown help increase the participant's likelihood of transferring diversity and inclusion concepts to their real-life legal work environments.

What You Will Learn

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of diversity and inclusion in the legal workplace.
  • Define the major types of implicit biases.
  • Identify your own biases that can lead to discrimination in the workplace.
  • Describe methods and tools to prevent your biases from influencing your actions and decisions.
  •  Identify policies and procedures in your workplace that contribute to bias and systems to address these biases.

Special Features

This program is from PLI's Interactive Learning Center. It offers a high level of participant engagement and requires more program interactions than a traditional program.

Who Should Attend

This program is applicable to attorneys in all settings--firms, in-house, government, or public interest group--at any level.

Timed Agenda

1. Legal Drama Casting Call – 0:12:54

2. Setting the Scene for Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession – 0:15:48

3. Script Review: Identifying Bias in Legal Settings – 0:41:03

4. Rewrites: Interrupting Bias in Legal Settings – 0:38:24

5. That’s a Wrap: Goal-Setting for Lawyers – 0:14:31

Total runtime: 2:02:40

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