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Why You Should Attend 

In today's fast-evolving business world, where the use of artificial intelligence is growing rapidly, success hinges on two key factors: making the most of data as a valuable business asset and effectively dealing with the legal and business risks that come with blending AI and data practices.

Data has now become a crucial asset in the business realm, and this shift requires us to update the way we handle data, moving away from conventional methods for other asset classes. Additionally, AI and data vendors bring their own set of challenges and complexities. We're entering the next phase of Generative AI, where we use data and fine-tune Large Language Models to solve specific company problems and use AI to solve data problems. 

AI relies heavily on data, and the variety and sophistication of AI applications are expanding. Similarly, AI is used to solve data management problems. This introduces new legal concerns for companies and their legal teams. We need to understand how data, combined with AI and IT, can transform business strategies internally and open up new business opportunities externally.

Dealing with data in the context of AI requires us to rethink how we negotiate joint development agreements and other business partnerships. This program will help you identify legal issues related to data and AI, avoid common pitfalls, and navigate the ever-changing legal and business landscape. This program will prepare you to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that can result from the adoption of data-driven and AI-powered business strategies..

What You Will Learn 

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

• Understand new business and legal challenges that have emerged with data’s elevation to a pivotal business asset

• Understand how AI has changed legal issues regarding data 

• The velocity of change in AI uses cases and associated legal implications

• Stay up-to-date with new and emerging AI and data regulations

• Learn how to operationalize data and AI risk management

• Identify and address legal issues in emerging data-driven business models

Who Should Attend 

This program is tailored for in-house counsel, outside counsel, and all legal and allied professionals who seek to stay current and gain insight into the latest legal developments and complexities related to data and AI.

Program Level: Overview  

Prerequisites: An interest in data law and AI. 

Advanced Preparation: None

Credit Details

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