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Why You Should Attend

Data is an essential business asset that introduces new legal and business risks and changes how today’s business transactions need to be structured. Data is not technology. Data does not manage itself. Companies and their in-house attorneys and outside counsel need to understand and address how data in combination with IT is a change agent that can be used internally to improve business strategies and used externally to create new commercial opportunities. Data law requires new negotiation strategies for joint development agreements and other business partnerships. This program will cover how to identify legal issues related to data, avoid traps for the unwary, and navigate emerging data law and business issues that provide challenges as well as opportunities as companies adopt data-driven strategies. 

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand why data law is a new field of law
  • Gain insight into how mainstream companies are not only technology companies but data companies 
  • Explain to your company and clients how data is changing how corporate transactions are done
  • Build teams of data professionals, IT professionals, and attorneys to use data as a change agent
  • Understand key issues in internal company data transaction playbooks
  • Understand how the risk of acquiring data in M&A is a risk of acquiring a lawsuit
  • Understand how the technology that underlays cryptocurrency applies to new data uses
  • Structure data sharing agreements and learn about a new paradigm for data licensing called “Decision Rights”
  • Understand emerging regulatory issues and sanctions
  • Identify problematic legal ethics issues in treating data as a business asset

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for in-house counsel and outside counsel, and all lawyers and allied professionals who need to be up to date on and understand the latest legal developments and challenges related to data.

Program Level: Overview 

Prerequisites: An interest in data law.

Advanced Preparation: None


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