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Covid19 Regulatory Relief and Delivery Best Practices for the Alcohol Industry

Businesses licensed to produce, distribute and sell alcohol have been deemed “essential” and continue to operate in these uncertain times, but hospitality doesn't look like it used to. We will discuss tax and regulatory relief, including eased restrictions on making hand sanitizer and shipping samples to consumers, as well as state efforts to keep licensees in business, such as relaxed rules on delivery and curbside pickup, promotional considerations and the tied-house laws. It may be hard for state regulators to un-ring the bell, could a pandemic be the catalyst for permanent change to the archaic alcohol beverage laws?

• Overview of regulatory relief

  • TTB – Hand sanitizers, excise tax payment relief, online processing
  • ABC – state updates in CA, NY, IL, TX, FL 

• New to delivery - best practices

  • DIY Compliance - ID checks, social distancing, delivery from retail premises
  • Outsourcing considerations - contracts, flow of funds
  • Delivery v. out-of-state shipping
  • Marketing constraints - free shipping, etc.


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